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Achieving Top-of-the-Line Customer Service: Part One

Is Exceptional Customer Service Attainable?

In today’s competitive marketplace, most businesses understand that if you don’t provide a high level of customer service, you won’t be able to keep your head above water. That being said, if a large number of companies are already enhancing the service they provide, is it really possible to go above and beyond? Is exceptional customer service truly attainable?


At Weed Man, we believe that it is. Customer service isn’t just about being polite anymore – it goes much, much further than that.

Ready to learn more? Take a peek at Weed Man’s go-to guide for achieving exceptional customer service:

Make Exceptional Customer Service Part of Your Company’s Culture. Customer service excellence shouldn’t just be an abstract ideology – it should be an integral part of your company’s vision. In order to build a service culture within your business, ensure that all staff members are aware of your company’s mission statement, core values and customer experience policies. This will allow you to build a deep-seated understanding of what your customers expect and why, which, in turn, will promote patience and empathy amongst your team members. Encourage employees to exceed expectations whenever and wherever possible. Remember: if you work hard to inspire and lead a culture that truly believes in exceptional customer service, then this will become a fundamental part of your company’s value system.

Ensure All Employees Adopt a “Customer First” Mindset. It is crucial to instill a “customer first” mindset amongst every single member of your staff.  Unfortunately, this is an area where many businesses come up short. While frontline employees may be trained to deliver excellent service, somewhere up the ladder that attitude tends to fizzle out. Ensure that each and every employee has a good understanding of your policies – that way, if a disgruntled customer requests to speak to an owner or a manager, you can be confident that he or she is just as well-versed in your company’s customer service policies as your administrative staff.

Deliver on Your Promises. It’s all too easy to promise someone the world when you’re looking to secure a sale or placate an irate customer. However, this can hurt you in the long run - especially once a customer realizes you aren’t going to deliver on what you said you would. This almost always comes down to dollars and cents. If you pledge to give a customer a discount, free shipping, or a redo on a service performed, then always, always, always see it through. The easiest way to lose customers, destroy brand loyalty, and ruin your retention rate is to make promises you can’t keep. Exceptional customer service can only be achieved if you’re honest 100% of the time and consistently deliver on your word.

It isn’t easy to achieve top tier status when it comes to customer service, but it is possible. Making top-of-the-line support an integral part of your company culture will help you and your employees deliver the best in the biz. 

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