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Achieving Top-of-the-Line Customer Service: Part Two

Is the Customer Always Right?

You’ve heard it once, twice, a million times before: “the customer is always right.” In fact, it’s the foundation on which many companies build their customer service policies. But is the age-old adage actually true? To put it simply, no – and blindly trusting in this concept can hurt your business and your bottom line.

There are always going to be dissatisfied customers who simply can’t be pleased and who will do anything in their power to bring you down. But – and there is a but! – as Bill Gates said,  “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” So while you can’t trust in a one size fits all philosophy, you can learn from those customers who are in the wrong and manage them professionally without harming your business. All it takes is sticking to a few tried and true rules. Read on below!

Be Firm but Kind

We all make concessions when confronted by an unhappy customer. Afterall, a discount here or a freebie there isn’t a deal breaker if it helps you retain customers and build long term brand loyalty. However, if you have an angry customer that time and time again makes unrealistic demands on your time and resources, then be sure to stand your ground and, above all, trust in your business – even if it means losing the customer as a result. This doesn’t mean you should be rude or adopt an “I don’t care” approach; instead, simply stand behind your company values and the solution you’ve offered, whether or not the customer in question is satisfied with what you’ve put forth. 

Don’t Stress Over Pleasing the Unpleasables

As a business owner, it’s natural to want your customers to love you. However, one of the most important lessons irate customers can teach you is that you can’t please everyone. Even if you consistently deliver the best product or service, there is always going to be that one customer who walks away dissatisfied, and, potentially, lets the world know that you came up short. Don’t lose sleep over it, and certainly don’t alter your company’s core value system for the one person you can’t please. Instead, focus on the happy customers you do have and learn how you can take the service you provide them to new heights.

Learn How to Walk Away

Every business encounters unhappy customers. For the most part, these individuals are looking for two things: a sounding board and a solution. If you successfully provide both day in and day out, you are well on your way to achieving customer service excellence. This type of approach can even result in a formerly angry customer transitioning from hating your business to becoming your #1 fan. But what happens if you lend an ear and offer a reasonable solution, yet the customer continues to berate you and your staff? Depending on the situation at hand, it may be time to sever ties and move on. Although not always the easiest approach, walking away can help you learn that it is often a much better business decision to use your resources to address the concerns of customers who are willing to engage in a reasonable dialogue. 

Although the customer isn’t always right, it is important that you do your best to provide top-of-the-line service on a consistent basis. If you’re still left with impossible to please customers at the end of the day, then look on the bright side – you’ll have many valuable teaching moments for you and your staff that will help you enhance your services policies even further. 

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