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The Benefits of Franchising: Part 1

The Power of a Brand

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you’ve likely looked at a lot of different options; one of those options being the prospect of franchising. There are several benefits to franchising - and in this series we will discuss a handful of them – one of them being the fact that you’re investing in an established brand.

Every franchise is different, but at Weed Man Lawn Care, we’ve been perfecting our business for nearly five decades. We’ve made a name for ourselves in the green industry (and the franchising industry, too). Built upon founder Des Rice’s uncompromising commitment to serving customers and keeping true to his vision, provides Weed Man with a competitive advantage and allows us to build a strong national brand based on keeping promises and exceeding expectations…something our franchisees have done an incredible job at maintaining.

We’ve taken the time to fine-tune our systems and processes, build a team that includes some of the biggest names in the green industry, and secure great relationships with third-party vendors. In addition to offering franchisees tried and true business practices, Weed Man is also backed by decades of industry experience.

When a new franchisee comes aboard, they don’t need to worry about establishing their business name to potential customers. In many cases, people will already be familiar with the brand. Weed Man has already survived (and conquered) nearly 50 years in the green industry; our name is recognizable to the public. In fact, at Weed Man, we strive to provide the absolute best in everything we do – lawn care, customer service and franchisee success. And we’ve been recognized for it, too! Check out some of our top Awards & Accolades HERE.
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