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Building Your Team: Part Two

Job Advertising

Now that you’ve done some research into what positions need to be filled within your company, it’s time to attract qualified candidates. Job advertising is an aspect of recruiting that is rarely given the focus it deserves.  It is important to remember that your future employee(s) will play a direct role in the future success – or failure – of your business.  When, how, and where you search will impact the quality of your applicant pool. 

Where to Advertise

Before we delve into too much detail regarding the dos and don’ts of recruiting, you’ll need to decide where you would like to post job openings, as this will affect the type of information you publicize. Gone are the days of traditional newspaper ads, as recruiting has become primarily web-based. Many companies use free websites, such as Craigslist, while others prefer paid services like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or CareerBuilder. Consider researching job websites that are specifically catered to the type of position you are looking to fill, as this can act as an excellent screening process. If you are specifically targeting students or recent graduates, visit the career center of your local high school or college and inquire about advertising opportunities. 

Social media is another avenue for recruiting that is rapidly gaining traction. Companies with a strong Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn presence will often use these channels for job advertising.  Individuals who follow their favorite companies via social media websites often have strong ties to the brand, thus breeding a sense of immediate loyalty in prospective hires. 

How to Advertise
  • List specific job duties and responsibilities
  • Advertise the education, skills, and experience required
  • Outline your ideal candidate
  • Include company contact information, such as a telephone number or e-mail address
  • Provide application instructions
  • State whether the job is full-time, part-time, contract, or permanent
  • Include a short blurb about your company and/or a link to a website where the candidate can learn more
  • Keep your advertisement concise and to the point (bullet points are often helpful)
  • Include the location of the job
  • Consider listing a salary or salary guide, benefits, and other job perks, particularly if advertising within a competitive industry
  • Use difficult-to-read fonts
  • Bombard the reader with images, logos, or fancy layouts
  • Write long-winded paragraphs – keep it simple!
  • Overuse bolding or italics
  • Provide a vague description of the job and/or required qualifications – this may attract candidates who do not meet your requirements
  • Create overly large advertisements
  • Post the same job ads too frequently, as this can negatively impact brand perception
  • Post ads during peak holiday times
If you are worried about the volume of resumes that may come in, consider requesting a cover letter or portfolio to help you weed out non-serious applicants.  Keeping a close eye on where, when, and how you post open positions will ensure you get the most out of advertising.  Return next week for an overview of the next stage of the hiring process: prepping for interviews.