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Changing Your Career Path: Part Two

The Diverse Owners of Weed Man

On the path toward changing your career, how do you know what type of business will work best for you and your lifestyle? Does it come down to your past work experiences, or is success more embedded in your approach to ownership and management as a whole?

To help you answer the questions above, let’s take a look at Weed Man. Many onlookers believe that all Weed Man franchisees must have derived from a lawn care background, but this is not the case. Our network of lawn care professionals includes men and women from all walks of life and various careers.

Pest Control/Nursery/Irrigation

Many of our franchisees have decided to diversify their businesses by adding Weed Man’s services to their list of pest control, nursery, or irrigation offerings. This allows for multiple cross marketing opportunities, giving franchise owners the ability to grow by appealing to a wider range of clients.

Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance

The Weed Man system offers an appealing avenue for individuals from landscaping and lawn maintenance backgrounds. In fact, these types of candidates almost always say that they wish they had made the move sooner. By expanding through Weed Man, lawn & landscape companies are able to offer their customers relevant weed control, fertilization and pest management services that can help keep a newly-updated property looking sharp. Additionally, because the majority of Weed Man customers renew year after year, a dependable model of recurring revenues becomes a part of the landscaper’s financial profile.


At first glance, it may seem difficult to see the connections between lawn care and the military. However, the military demands structure, teamwork, and discipline – the very elements upon which a successful franchise is built.


Weed Man franchise ownership has proven to be a rewarding path for individuals from a corporate background. We've welcomed candidates from computer, marketing, and accounting backgrounds, and the list continues to grow each year. Our franchisees are their own bosses, have the ability to work outdoors, and learn new skills each and every day. 

Why wait? NOW is the time to make a big move and change your career path. So many Weed Man franchisees have done can, too.

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