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Coaching the Team: Part One


“Attitude is everything” is a phrase many of us have heard before. If you’re a business owner, however, these words may hold more weight than you know. As a leader, both your attitude and the attitude you encourage in the workplace can make a fundamental difference in the success – or lack thereof – of your company.


What is Attitude?

Attitude is defined as a person’s tendency to respond positively or negatively to an idea, person, object, or situation. It has a direct impact on behavior and how we interpret the world around us. What makes this phenomenon so unique is the fact that it is largely learned and, in effect, chosen. As humans, we follow in the footsteps of those who influence us – our parents, peers, teachers and employers. If we are taught to interpret the world positively, it tends to make everything in life seem just a little bit easier.

In the world of business, attitude plays a significant role in employees’ performance, particularly when it comes to handling daily interactions, challenges and successes. Because of this, it is important that as a manager you take great strides to adopt a positive attitude and integrate positive thinking within the workplace. Your employees may be the best in their fields, but they will have a difficult time succeeding if they are clouded by negative thinking. 

A positive attitude in the workplace can have multiple benefits for employees and management alike, including:

Improved Performance. People who think they can achieve something often do.

Creativity. Positivity inspires confidence, which breeds innovation.

A “Can-Do” Workplace Culture. Optimistic thinking encourages success, risk-taking and happiness. 

Motivation. Positive thinking stimulates our desire to do something bigger and better.

Confidence. A good attitude produces belief in oneself.

How to Implement A Good Workplace Attitude

Coming from a place of authority, it is up to you to inspire a good attitude amongst your team members and build a positive workplace culture in the process. Read on for a few tips below:
  • Provide a comfortable, upbeat environment where your employees feel that they have the freedom to learn and grow.
  • Recognize achievements, provide feedback, communicate clearly and often, and treat employees equally.
  • Lead by example and maintain a positive attitude – even in the face of adversity.
  • Smile more and have fun.

When it comes to attitude, the example you set will have far-reaching, noticeable effects on productivity and job satisfaction – for both you and your staff. Adopt a positive attitude and you’ll start to see brand new levels of success. 

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