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Color in Business: Part Four

What's in a Uniform?

Using Color in Business has been proven to create an impact among consumers and employees alike. Whether it evokes an emotion, encourages a purchasing decision or simply creates brand recognition, color is one of the easiest ways to help your business achieve success. Saying this, using impactful colors in your marketing pieces, office spaces and employee uniforms is a must! It’s fairly common for companies to provide employees with branded uniforms nowadays, (especially in the green industry), but for businesses that don’t, it’s definitely something to consider. Here’s why!

They’re Win-Win

Providing company-branded uniforms for your staff benefits both you, as the business owner, and your employees. You can avoid strict dress codes and feel confident knowing that your team will show up to work dressed appropriately. From your staff’s perspective, they don’t need to spend the time or money investing in a work wardrobe.

Walking Billboards

Having your team members dressed in uniforms is like free advertising – can you say walking billboards?! Uniforms are great for creating brand recognition throughout your community. Participating in a neighborhood event? Wear your uniforms and be positively recognized later on. It could even catch the attention of potential customers!

Bettering Your Employees

A uniform creates unity and a sense of belonging for staff members. Everyone is equal and employees can experience a sense of pride, acting as your brand ambassadors. Providing a company uniform will encourage your staff to feel responsible for representing the brand and therefore increase productivity and company involvement.


Company apparel can help show competence on the job and exude professionalism. It can also increase team spirit and help improve customer relationships, by providing a sense of security. A person in common clothing, with no uniform or company branding apparent on their body, could potentially look like an intruder and cause a lack of trust with the customer. Alternatively, wearing a recognized uniform, making staff members more identifiable, allows customers to feel confident in knowing who they are dealing with.

Choosing the Uniform

When you’re deciding on what you want your company uniform to look like, think about color, style and branding options. Let your employees have a say and choose comfortable garments, with plenty of sizing options.

The color of your uniforms should be representative of your brand, but also evoke some kind of emotion (if you’re not sure what we mean, check out our article: Power of Color in Marketing). For instance, Weed Man’s uniforms are green – which is associated with nature and the environment, peacefulness and balance – perfect for North America’s largest franchised lawn care company. Our logo, which is yellow, promotes a sense of friendliness and can encourage customers to perceive our employees as cheerful (not that they need it).

Implementing a uniform for your employees is very beneficial for both you and your staff. It will increase team productivity and better your employees, create brand recognition throughout the community, serve as advertising for your company and help your business excel.
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