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Color in Business: Part One

The Power of Color in Marketing

Let’s do a little experiment. Start by following the steps below.

Stare at this photo for 10 seconds and either write down or think about the emotions you feel. What does red make you feel?
What is the first thing that comes to mind?


Next, is blue. Again, for 10 seconds, gaze at this photo and jot down
or simply remember what 
you think of? Where does your mind
wander when you look at the image?



You’re almost there. For this yellow image, follow the same steps as above.


Lastly, is green. What emotions do you experience when you look at this
image? What do you associate the color green with, whether it is something physical, a memory or a feeling?

Thanks for participating if you’ve made it this far. If you look back on the notes you took throughout the above experiment, it’s likely most of you will have similar words, emotions, objects or memories associated with each color. Want to see for yourself? See below for the most common responses.

The color red ignites excitement. It is bold and catches your attention. It can evoke visions of strength and warmth, which in turn makes us think about energy. Alternatively, it might encourage you to think about aggression, such as the vision of a bull charging a red flag.

Blue, on the other hand, is said to encourage feelings of trust and loyalty, offering a cool, calm and collected vibe.

Next is yellow, which has always been known as a friendly color. Its bright tone makes it cheerful and happy, offering us the sense of warmth and optimism. It may even make you think of creativity or warmth, like from the sun.

And lastly is green, which encourages thought of the environment. It is a peaceful color and often reminds us of harmony and balance. Alternatively, it might evoke thoughts of good health, which might come to mind when you think of lush, green grass.

This experiment leads us to believe that choosing the right colors for your brand is just as important as anything else in business. Customers can perceive a brand to be one way over another, strictly based on the colors used in logos and other marketing pieces. Of course, it is said that many people associate colors with personal experiences, so there is no sure fire way you can successfully appeal to each and every consumer. However, in the “Impact of color on marketing” study, conducted by the University of Winnipeg, it is reported that people will make a judgement of your product or company within 90 seconds and up to 90% of that initial assessment is based on colors alone.

To give you a real-life example of the power of color, think of us, Weed Man Lawn Care. Our main color, for over 45 years, has remained the same. ‘Weed Man green,’ as we call it, makes sense because we are a part of the green industry and we work on lawns…which are green. We are also environmentally conscious and do what we do to not only provide customers with healthy turfs, but also to give back to the environment. Our secondary color is yellow, adding a dash of happiness and warmth to our brand.

When it comes to picking the right colors for your company, think about your business model, what you do and how you want your consumers to perceive the brand. Ultimately, there are no set-in-stone guidelines, but collaborate, think critically, do your research and take the process of choosing your brand’s color(s) seriously. You won’t regret it!

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