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Color in Business: Part Two

Driving Engagement Through Color

If you tuned in for last week’s article, you’ll already know a little bit about today’s topic: Colors of Business. We know that colors can evoke emotion and cause consumers to perceive your brand a certain way (if you’re unsure of what we mean, check out last week’s article: The Power of Color in Marketing). The next step is to use those colors to drive engagement through your online portals.

If you’re creating content and want it to be relatable, engaged with, and remembered, always pair it with a visual. Did you know? Colored visuals can help increase the likeliness of viewers actually reading your content by up to 80%. And even more impressive than that, readers will remember 65% of the written content if a photo is involved. However, if you choose not to include a photo, they will likely only retain about 10% of the content.

So, it’s clear…a visual piece must always be included in your blog posts, website pages and any other online properties, if you want the content to be retained and engaged with. Not to mention, have you ever ‘shared’ something without a photo? The end result is a dull post that most of your Facebook friends would likely scroll past.

Creating Shareable Content

If you’re creating visuals for social media purposes, think about the preferences of your audience and who you want to attract. Use imagery that is relevant to your target market. Also consider various fonts, content and hashtags, forming every aspect around your desired customer. These factors will make a big difference when it comes to shareabililty.

If you’re sharing mediocre content, why would people be inclined to share it themselves? We’ve all done it before – scrolling through our social media feeds and stopping because something catches our eye. Why did it make you stop? Probably because you were able to relate, or you had some kind of interest in the topic. Maybe the colors of the post spoke to you. Maybe it included an eye-catching photo. Whatever it was, the creator likely put a lot of thought into the content of the image or text and intentionally targeted someone like you. And that’s when you know you’ve been successful; so, create awesome content that people are going to stop scrolling for, content that people will share and content that will strike a chord with your audience.

Why is Color So Important?

When it comes to using color, online or in print, it’s imperative that you choose the right ones – ones that influence the viewer to feel something and remain interested. Just like we mentioned in last week’s article, some colors can make us feel happy, while others can make us feel sad, angry, lonely, excited etc. When readers feel some kind of emotional attachment to the piece they’re reading, they’re more likely to engage and ‘share’ with their friends and family.

Using colors that identify with your company and your overall vision will help increase engagement, improve brand recognition and maybe even drive sales.

Typically, you want to stay away from dark colors like black and grey. Using bright colors creates a sense of excitement and happiness. Keep the design simple, but the emotion big. And if you’re in doubt about an element of your design, don’t include it. There’s nothing wrong with having a little whitespace…

When Not to Use Color

Have you ever visited a website and very quickly found yourself battling a headache, all due to the screaming colors and over-populated pages? Whitespace is very important for this reason! If you’re unsure what we mean by ‘whitespace,’ it’s simple. Whitespace is empty space. Keeping your layout simple and not overly busy will help keep readers interested, while delivering an enjoyable user experience.

Whitespace ultimately helps with readability and overall performance of your site, from the customer’s point of view especially. It’s more important than most think. Want a great example of whitespace used in a brilliant way? Type ‘’ in your browser and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about!

For more information about using color correctly in your business, stay tuned for next week’s article: How to Create a Lively Workspace for Your Employees.
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