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Community Involvement: Part Two

Donating Your Time

Once you’ve immersed yourself within your local community and established a reliable presence, it’s time to take your volunteerism a step further. Contributing to causes that are important to you and/or your business is a great place to start. We all have causes, programs, and community issues that are meaningful to us, and taking action is the natural next step. As a small business owner, you have a certain responsibility to give back to your clients and your community. And it doesn’t have to be with dollars and cents – your time and resources can be just as effective in making a difference.

So why get involved with local community causes?

1. Your community supports you. Your business would not be able to thrive without the support of your community. Just as you depend on your clients for their continued patronage, they rely on you to support local initiatives. Giving back signifies an equal partnership between your business and the community in which it stands.

2. You want to see your community flourish – every part of it. Your time and resources can go a long way in enhancing a local space or directly improving the lives of others.

3. Volunteering is one of the best ways to network.  One of the most important aspects of small business ownership involves developing relationships with customers, potential customers, and other business owners. By participating in community service events, you will have the opportunity to interact with members of your local community in a more meaningful way.

4. You’ll be able to promote your business in a positive manner. Giving back shows that you take the time to care about your customers and your community, and that you are a responsible and dedicated citizen. As this news spreads, so will your client base.
Remember: your time can be the best donation of all. Attend local events, join a committee, clean up a local park, or pursue a specific cause that you hold dear or that represents what your business is all about.

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