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Creating an Award-Winning Team: Pt 1

5 Things to Look for During an Interview 

5 Things to Look for During an InterviewNo matter what business or industry you’re a part of, hiring the right employees to spearhead your company is critical. You’ve come this far on your own, you’ve built your business from the ground up…now, it’s time to expand! At Weed Man, we know the importance of Creating an Award-Winning Team because we have one of the best in the industry; and we want to share some of our knowledge with you. Below, we discuss 5 Things to Look for During an Interview to ensure you find the absolute best new hire to help you and your business succeed.

  1. Communication | You likely corresponded with your job candidate via email or phone prior to the interview – how was their etiquette? If they are going to be dealing with your clients and other team members, it’s important to know that their communication skills are up to par. This is something to keep your eye on throughout the entire interview process. After the meeting has been arranged, you’ll sit down face-to-face. Did they smile and greet you appropriately? Be aware of body language, too! Did the candidate maintain eye contact, and avoiding fidgeting throughout your conversation?
  2. Preparedness | Did they do their research and come prepared to the interview? Do they understand your company and what services or products you offer, and how they’re going to fit in to your existing team? Were they dressed in appropriate attire? Did they ask questions and seem engaged in the process, and interested in learning more about the company and role itself?
  3. Skill Set | Did the job candidate seem confident in their abilities and how they could potentially contribute to the success of your business? What do they bring to the table? Is their skill set relevant to the position you’re hiring for? What kind of experience do they have – education, work, and in the real-world? These are all great questions to keep in mind while trying to find your next superstar employee.
  4. Adaptability | Is the job candidate a good fit for your existing team? Will they adapt well to your company culture? Can you envision yourself and the team working with the job candidate on a daily basis? It’s important to ask the candidate questions regarding their ability to handle new situations, ensuring that they’ll be able to respond appropriately.
  5. Assertiveness | Do you want to hire someone who simply tells you what you want to hear, or do you want to hire someone with their own ideas and opinions? Someone that is comfortable challenging your ideas or the way you do things (to a certain extent) is only going to make your business better. Hiring someone who isn’t afraid to voice their opinion can be a risk, but so long as they work collaboratively and listen as well as they speak, assertiveness is a skill that is often overlooked.
There are many things to look for when trying to find your newest team member. But remember, it’s not just about how prepared the interviewee is. It’s important that you, too, know exactly what you’re looking for and are prepared to answer questions about the role. Why do you have a need to fill the position and what will your new hire’s main responsibilities be? What benefits are you offering and what are your expectations? Good luck! Stay tuned for next week’s article, Creating an Award-Winning Team: Part 2 - Becoming a True Leader.

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