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Creating an Award-Winning Team: Part One

5 Things to Look for During an Interview

Creating an award-winning team is easier said than done, but Weed Man takes pride in offering customers superior service and that’s all in thanks to our award-winning teams across the country. To get you started on building your very own top notch troop, stay tuned for a month full of informative articles outlining just how to do so. To get you started, let’s focus on 5 Things to Look for During an Interview.

Relevant Responses / Is the interviewee diverting from the question asked? Some people are smart and if they don’t know the right answer to a question, they’ll find a round-about way to answer that sounds just as convincing as the answer you had in mind. Listen carefully to candidate’s responses to ensure the question was answered properly. If you feel it wasn’t, ask it again.

Body Language / When initially meeting your potential hire, did they offer you a strong handshake or a pitiful one? A solid handshake can show confidence. Take note of how interviewees are sitting or standing. Being relaxed is a good thing, but slouchy and being unpresentable are not. If their arms are crossed across their chest, they could be closed off. On the flip side, if they’re sitting up straight with great posture, it may mean they’re more open to new possibilities. If you’re sensing interviewees are nervous, it may not be a bad thing. A candidate having a case of the jitters could could be due to them really wanting the position.

Eye Contact / Looking elsewhere, like the floor or ceiling, while speaking to you could mean a lack of self-confidence. However, if interviewees are making regular eye contact, take it as a sign of honesty, interest and good manners.
Company Culture / Could you imagine the interviewee fitting in well with the rest of your staff? Rather than focusing strictly on business- and experience-related questions, touch on their personality, hobbies and what they like to do outside of work. Tell them about how the office works and see how they respond. Do they show an understanding of the company’s culture? To get a good feel of how they’d interact with the rest of the team, introduce them to a few people. Of course, this can be nerve-racking and in most cases, it can take some time to warm up to new people, but gauging their interaction with people in general could give you a good feel for their personality type and how committed they are to the interview process.

Confirmation / Testing candidates on their history and experience will give you a fair idea of how true the information on their resume is. Some people will ‘enhance’ their job titles or duties to make themselves look more appealing to employers. Ask them about their experience and past jobs to make sure they have the skills required to be successful in the position they’re interviewing for. If they don’t know their own resume, move on to your next potential hire.
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