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Creating an Award-Winning Team: Part Two

Choosing Your Staff - Beyond the Resume

Well, you’ve made it through the interview and now it’s time to choose your staff. Creating an award-winning team takes work and patience, but with Weed Man’s help, you’re well on your way. Today, let’s focus on looking Beyond the Resume.

Test Run / Give candidates a job-related task to see how they handle it, whether it is a case study, pop quiz or role-playing. See their reaction to a potential predicament and note how they choose to deal with the problem. Do they have their own opinion of the situation or are they telling you what you want to hear? Get a feel for their values and beliefs, especially if you put them in a tough scenario. Learn more about their personality and whether they are capable of making decisions.

Take a Seat / Put your questions on hold and let candidates interview you. Encourage them to ask questions and make it a mandatory part of the interview. See what type of questions they focus on. It will show you what’s important to them. Be open with your answers and let them base an opinion of whether they will make a good fit for the role or not.

Personality / This one is a given. What kind of traits do they have? Will their personality tie in with the office morale and be a good fit with other team members? Are they compatible? Will they present themselves nicely to new and existing clients? This can be something you gauge during an interview, but also keep it in mind after the fact. Did they follow-up after the interview? Are they persistent, showing they are serious about the position? All of these things can factor in to your final decision of whether you’re going to hire them or not.

Turnover / Hiring, training and firing can be an expensive and time-consuming cycle to go through, especially if you’re going through it frequently. Be sure to ask interviewees whether they are looking for something long term or temporary. Are they serious about the position? Will they be a committed employee? Are they ready for a career or will they ditch the job once they’ve gotten a couple of paychecks? Checking references can help with figuring out their past history in this department as well.

Social Media / Many companies will do background checks, but in today’s day and age, it’s almost just as effective to go onto Google and type in the candidate’s name. Check their social media profiles to get a good feel of who they are. Keep in mind, everyone has their life outside of work, but also take notice of their lifestyle. Social profiles can even give you an idea of their skill set. For instance, candidates could have links to blogs, photography or other things that might be relevant to the position.

Creating an Award-Winning Team definitely isn’t an easy feat, but with these tips from Weed Man, we hope to make the hiring process a bit easier. Stay tuned for next week’s article: Becoming a True Leader and learn how to manage your award-winning team, for continued success.
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