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Customer Service: Part Four

Creating Loyal Customers

As we’ve discussed over the last several segments, the level of customer service your company provides can make or break your business. Providing service that goes above and beyond the public’s expectations should be your company’s primary goal, as it will lead to a loyal customer base that will buy repeatedly, refer you to other prospects, and (hopefully) sing your praises in a variety of social and business settings.

Think about it this way: if your company was ever in a position for which it was forced to raise its prices, what would stop your customers from simply running to one of your competitors with lower rates?  Excellent service and strong client relationships will help keep your customers dedicated to your brand. 
But how do you instill this type of loyalty among your customers? While politeness, patience and empathy go a long way in accomplishing just that, there are also many relationship opportunities that arise on a daily basis – some of which are unexpected.

See below for a list of loyalty-building tips from Weed Man Lawn Care:

Embrace Customer Complaints

While disgruntled customers on their own are not necessarily a positive thing, don’t respond to them with an “ugh, not again” attitude. Instead, embrace complaints as an avenue for showcasing your company’s ability and willingness to right a wrong. Transactions are not going to go smoothly 100% of the time – there are bound to be individuals who are unhappy with your product or service no matter how well you perform. Prepare your staff for the inevitable and be sure to perpetuate a customer-first mindset within your workplace. This means addressing client concerns quickly, thoroughly, and in a friendly manner. The angriest customers can often transition into long-term clients when swayed by a high level of service.

Keep in Touch

Even if your customer service techniques are pristine, you will need to plan for the period following the transaction. How do you ensure that the next time a client needs your product or service they will return to your company? They may simply forget about you, lose your contact information, or find another business that meets their needs. To build loyalty, you have to maintain a solid, continual presence. Keep in touch with your customers through e-mail marketing, direct mail, and even the occasional phone call. The hope is that your brand will always stand out from the crowd and be the first one that comes to a customer’s mind.   

Show Customer Appreciation

Don’t let customer loyalty go unnoticed. Send thank you cards or give out special incentives to anyone who has used your service repeatedly or referred your business. The manner in which you react to any form of loyalty will set the tone for how customers perceive their own level of importance. People love recognition and will appreciate any gestures that go beyond the norm. 


By this we don’t mean pretend that you care – we mean TRULY care about your customers! They are the lifeblood of your entire business and making them happy should be your top priority. Although a simple mantra, “treat people how you would like to be treated” certainly applies to this situation. 
The importance of a loyal customer base should not be underestimated. As long as your company continues to go above and beyond and works to incorporate a service culture into everything you do, brand loyalty is sure to flourish.
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