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Defining Your Business: Part Four


What is Company Culture?
Company culture refers to the collective beliefs, behavior, psychology, and values of a group of people working within an organization. It affects the way employees feel in their everyday work and has a direct impact on their actions and interactions. 

Why is it Important?
Simply put, the product or service that your company offers is not enough to motivate you or your employees to get out of bed each morning. A healthy, spirit-filled work culture, on the other hand, is one of the most important drivers for success, as it pushes people to be their absolute best. 

Building a positive company culture takes hard work and dedication. As an owner or general manager, it is your responsibility to sell the culture every single day. Remember: your actions have a lasting impression on many people’s lives. Be sure to apply a healthy, structured culture to your business, as this will help you elevate each employee to his or her full potential.

Take a moment and ask yourself the following: what kind of environment does your workplace foster? If you aren’t sure, odds are your employees aren’t either. In order to create a concrete, identifiable culture, you must enact leadership and live the values you espouse. This will fuel productivity and ignite true passion for your company’s mission.    

How to Create a Healthy Culture

1. Appreciation & Accountability
Remind yourself that it is your people who will drive your business. Treat them how you would like to be treated. You want all members of your team to perform at their highest level and feel that their opinions and actions matter in the grand scheme of things. Encourage your employees by celebrating their successes and taking notice of a job well done. Remember: appreciation can go a long way. People are more willing to work hard when they feel that their efforts are being recognized. On the same token, accept and acknowledge failure in a constructive manner. Be there to provide guidance when challenges arise, and your employees will thank you for it.    

2. Enact Your Vision
Make a conscious decision about the type of culture you would like to present within your company and live it every day

If your company’s vision is to produce exceptional results with integrity, and you actively seek to enact this vision every day, you will likely breed a culture of honesty and hard work. Similarly, if you envision a workplace where innovation is valued, you are more liable to facilitate a culture that allows for active participation in group meetings and company-wide brainstorming. 

3. Be Deliberate
It is important that you be precise and deliberate in achieving your vision. If you are dedicated to a certain type of culture, let it be known day in and day out. Inspire your employees to adopt the same mindset. This will not happen overnight; you will need to train, coach, and set expectations for your team. If you value an empowered workplace in which everyone plays an active role in the company’s success, then be deliberate in what is expected from each person involved.  This will act as a motivator and allow all parties to work towards a common goal. 

Your mission statement, core values, and attitude are the building blocks that will define and perpetuate your company’s culture. Refer to them often and bring them to life each and every day. This will help you remain dedicated to fostering a positive culture, which will generate noticeable improvements in productivity and morale.   
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