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Defining Your Business: Part Three


Attitude is a decision that every person must make on a daily basis. It is not, as some believe, wholly organic – we choose how to act and react to every situation we encounter. 

As a business owner, much of your success will be dependent on your attitude. If you strive to see an opportunity in every challenge, your business will reap the rewards. 

Adopting the Right Attitude:

1. Aim to make today a little better
As soon as your feet hit the ground in the morning, make a conscious decision to have a good day. What happened yesterday is no longer significant – each day brings new opportunities and a fresh start. 

2. Talk positively about others and treat everyone with great respect
The words we learned in kindergarten play just as much of a role now as they did back then: treat others the way you would like to be treated. Respect your employees, customers, and coworkers, whether face-to-face or behind closed doors. If you address those surrounding you in a positive manner, they will respond in kind and be happier in their day-to-day operations. 

3. Take pride in a job well done
If you’ve done something well or reached a goal, give yourself (and all involved parties) credit where credit is due. It is incredibly important to celebrate your successes. If something does not go your way, on the other hand, take stock of your mistakes and learn from them. There will always be other opportunities. 

4. Isolate and dominate negative thinking
Negative thinking produces unwelcome results. If you substitute negativity with positive affirmations, you will see drastic improvements in your performance.   

5. Treat tasks as challenges and problems as opportunities
Remember: there is always a solution! Adopt a “can do” attitude and others will follow suit. Once there is a collective agreement that any problem can be solved, you will start to welcome challenges rather than shy away from them. 

6.  Use your skills and abilities every day
Don’t be afraid to use your natural tools and abilities. Hone your skills every day in order to make your strengths that much more effective. 

7.  Do the job right the first time
Work hard and put 100% into every project. This will help you eliminate mistakes and prevent you from having to do the same task twice. Don’t allow negativity or careless, lackluster work to come between you and your goal(s). 

8. Expect positive results
When you expect something to go wrong, it usually does. Don’t just hope for the best; EXPECT the best and it will come. Visualize your future success while remaining on the path that will ultimately lead you to it.      

Success begins and ends with the right attitude. How will you choose to act today? 
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