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Developing an Audience: Part One

Guerilla Marketing

The existence of any small business relies on an active customer base.  Without customers, it is not possible for a business to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.  That’s where marketing comes in.  Although there are countless different ways to attract customers, today’s segment will cover guerilla marketing and how it can be utilized as an effective advertising strategy.      
The term guerilla marketing stems from the idea of guerilla warfare, as both depend on unusual—albeit creative—strategies in order to achieve success.  Indeed, the main tenet of guerilla marketing is unconventionality, with companies utilizing outside-of-the-box tools to generate buzz and (hopefully) bring on new clients. 
  • Street giveaways
  • Company-sponsored graffiti
  • Collectible tokens
  • Car advertising
  • Perfectly-placed stickers
  • Flash mobs
  • PR Stunts
  • Creatively placed billboards
  1. It’s inexpensive.  Guerilla marketing is typically a low cost endeavor, as it depends more on a company’s creativity and ability to pique a customer’s interest. 
  2. It creates brand awareness.  Depending on the level of buzz created, guerilla marketing can make your brand known almost overnight.  
  3. It’s memorable.  Guerilla marketing is so impactful simply because it thwarts traditional means in favor of a “no holds barred” approach.  When done well, it often gets people talking and thinking about the ad in question long after they encounter it. 
  4. It can turn viral. In today’s world of social media, a well-placed ad can funnel its way across the globe via channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, increasing brand awareness outside of your main hub.      
  5. It requires relatively few resources.  In most cases of guerilla marketing, a company will elect to enact one powerful marketing tool, rather than take several, more expensive avenues.
Are you a small company with an even smaller budget? Then guerilla marketing may be exactly the tool you need to create a name for yourself in your current market.  While there is no one correct way to experiment with this unique strategy, several companies have taken it to the next level.  Check out a few of our favorite examples, and get ready to go guerilla.