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Finding Work/Life Balance: Part 1

Prioritizing & Delegating

If you're an entrepreneur, then you likely already know how important maintaining work/life balance is. But, it can definitely be difficult to achieve at times...especially when you're busy running a business! Assessing your day-to-day activities to determine what items are priority, and then delegating the items you shouldn't necessarily be spending your time on, could make your goal of achieving that balance, that much easier. We've compiled some of our favorite tips to help you - check them out below!

Prioritizing is key. How did you spend your time today? Did certain action items add more value to your day? Maybe certain "to-dos" didn't add any value at all? Take some time to assess your day, your week, your month and really ask yourself 'What daily activities are my priority? Are there things I can eliminate from my everyday schedule?' 

Establishing boundaries will help you become a better leader. In today's (digital) world, it seems like just about anyone can get in touch with you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...but that doesn't mean you have to answer. Setting boundaries and sticking to them is crucial. Concentrate only on one thing at a time and don't take on unnecessary responsibilities if it means you'll be working later and longer. 

Learning how to let things go will only benefit you (and your team) in the end. Delegating tasks that once had a place on your agenda can be tricky, but you have a team in place for a reason. Determine what can be taken off your plate and then think about your staff's strengths and weaknesses. Who would be best suited to help out? Dedicate some time to coaching that peron to ensure the action item is being accomplished correctly, and then step away. 

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