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Creating an Award-Winning Team: Part Three

Becoming a True Leader

You’re well on your way to creating an award-winning team; but there’s more to it than hiring the right people. If you are going to effectively manage your stellar staff, you need to be ready to take a leadership role. With that said, one might assume that being an extroverted, overly confident and exceptionally experienced person are mandatory qualifications to lead your team in the right direction, that that’s not the case. With the help of Weed Man, you can take the steps to Becoming a True Leader.
Be Passionate / If you expect your team to be excited about the job, then you need to exude some passion for it yourself. Talk positively about the industry and your company’s success. Make your expectations known and have a smile on your face while you’re at it. Running a successful business isn’t an easy task. As the leader of the pack, you will have your hard days – it’s inevitable. But without the work, you’ll never make it. So use your industry experience and know-how to motivate your staff to do their best and you will see results.
Be Personable / Let your award-winning team identify with you. Let them relate. Be genuine and empathetic. Learn about them as people – their interests, family lives, their personalities. Allow them to trust you and look up to you as a mentor. As Jennifer Lemcke, C.O.O., Weed Man USA says, “talk and give your opinion, but also listen, reflect and take to heart what people have to say.” Passing out orders is easy, but respecting your staff and leading by example is certainly more effective.
Be Appreciative / Recognize your employees’ commitment to the job, as well as their strengths. Reward them for a job well done, even if it’s as simple as a high five or mentioning their accomplishment during the next office meeting.
Don’t Stay in Your Comfort Zone / Take risks. Accept challenges. Making yourself uncomfortable can teach you a lot about yourself and will help you become a better and more effective leader. Who knows? You might even gain some new interests in the process. Be confident in yourself – you’ll be amazed what you can do!
Look Up to Someone / Have your own mentor - someone to look up to, someone to inspire you. Having a role model yourself will encourage you to be the best leader you can be to your staff. You will learn valuable lessons from having a personal mentor. They will help build your confidence in the role and you will always have a shoulder to lean on as long as they are around.
Becoming a true leader is a process and won’t happen overnight, but as long as you have the right attitude, you will be successfully leading your award-winning team in a matter of no time. Stay tuned for next week’s article: The Many Rewards for more tips on creating your award-winning team.
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