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Weed Man wants you to hear from one of our own. In our latest podcast series, Weed Man’s Cindy Code interviews the General Manager of Weed Man Roswell, Kevin Adan, to find out the key(s) to the Atlanta-based franchise’s tremendous success over the past several years. 
Cindy Code: Welcome to Weed Man Business Insights. This is a new podcast series bringing you practical and actionable business practices that have resulted in business success throughout the Weed Man system. These podcasts will endeavor to bring the networking we all love so much to you on a more frequent basis. I’m Cindy Code and today, it’s my pleasure to be here with Kevin Adan, general manager of Weed Man Roswell. Welcome, Kevin!
Kevin Adan: Hello! How are you?
Cindy: I’m good. Thanks for being here today! Weed Man Roswell, owned by Jim McClure won two Weedy Awards at the annual meeting – the Marketing Performance Over $1.5 Million, and the coveted Award of Excellence. They were also nominees in nearly all key categories, including Year to Date Net Program Customers, in three areas, and Year to Date Net Program Customers for Pick-ups and Referrals. So, Kevin, tell us. How did your team do it and what was your motivation?
Kevin: Well, first, we always have to give credit to God. Second, we strive to do our best and be our best. We’re committed to each other and the Weed Man name. When people see or hear ‘Weed Man,’ we want them to think ‘Wow, Weed Man is the best.’ We continue to push each other to be better and we’re never satisfied. We don’t look at the goals we’ve hit as success. We look at it as what we could and should’ve done to be better. We try to always have a team environment. We’re all in this together and everyone is an important part of our system.
Cindy: Your franchise brought 16 or 17 people to the Annual Conference. Why is that important to you and your team?
Kevin: The biggest thing to point out first is we have to thank Weed Man USA for introducing us to Bob Coulter. Bob has taught us and is still teaching us so much and continues to engage us on new levels every time we get together. He’s helping us build an incredible bench. And when I say ‘bench,’ I’m talking bench strength. And that’s the biggest reason behind bringing as many people as we did. We wanted them to help us in building our future, being a big part of what we’re doing, and to become more dedicated and motivated individuals amongst our organization. We wanted them to see how impressive the Weed Man culture really is. When you go to these conferences, you see the quality of people you’re surrounded by. For us to be one of the best, that’s truly humbling. It helps to put it in perspective –anything is possible and we have to continue to do this together. And only together, can we do this. Jim and I, we’re just directing the ship. Without all of the individuals we brought and who were even back at the office, without them we’re just directing an empty ship. So, we rely on them as much as they rely on us.
Cindy: It’s certainly contagious, isn’t it? Being at the meeting with all of the brilliant minds who were there. What were some of your best take-aways from the conference?
Kevin: The engagement with all of the other Weed Man franchises. Being able to see our guys, who we brought, interact so well amongst everybody. To see what we always talk about. We come back from these conferences and we talk about it but until you’re there to see it, you can’t believe it. And the biggest take-away for us is just the fact that bringing our team out, it impacted our organization and I believe we will continue to build off of bringing the amount of people we did for many years to come.
Cindy: That’s great. I know the folks from your franchise were in demand at the conference. Other people wanted to learn more about your business success. What was the basis of most of the discussions you guys had with your peers? Was there a common thread of theme of those conversations?
Kevin: It’s funny you ask that. We really aren’t big on attention. We always try to lay low. We were definitely humbled and thankful for every blessing we received. Every year we get to do this. Most of the people that did come up to us, all of the 16 or 17 people we brought, were getting asked questions, which I loved. It was nice for them. That’s what I wanted to see most – was them being engaged with other franchises and being able to help others and explain and just be there. But majority of them were wondering how we did what we did. Funny thing is, is it’s because we have management in place. That’s the biggest thing. Weed Man has already put in all the hard work. We just tweek it here and there, for the most part, but we utilize all of the hard work Weed Man has put in place and we run with it. We execute it and we utilize Mike Richard (National Marketing Director) and sales comparison reports. We allow him to tell us the good, the bad and the ugly. We don’t make excuses, there are no excuses…We couldn’t have these visions without the organization having put everything in place.
Cindy: Why is it so important to network with your peers and how does it help Weed Man USA as a whole?
Kevin: I’m actually reading this book…[The author] writes about how when you buy into a franchise, you’re buying into a proven system. And that is what we did with Weed Man. We have some of the best people in lawn care and we’re able to bounce ideas off of all of them. We get to share our ideas with, who most consider, their competition. We get to know their successes and figure out what’s working and what’s not working and that’s one of the best things about what we have here with Weed Man.
Listen to the full podcast here.