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Managing Your Employees: Part Four


As examined in our last segment, following up involves communicating with employees about their on-the-job performance.  The next crucial step in the management circle is adjusting.  Adjusting involves taking action in regards to any employee knowledge gaps or deficiencies in your company’s training methods.  More simply, it means changing anything that isn’t consistently working or giving you the results you need to succeed. 

Let’s take a step back.  When following up with an employee, you may discover that there are gaps in your training methods or that the employee in question has a more innovative way of doing things.  This is where adjusting plays a key role.  It is important that you take what you learned in your follow-up and implement positive changes within your company’s infrastructure.  Although this may seem like a big project to take on, keeping things “as is” will simply perpetuate poor results.  Don’t be afraid to adjust your methods to close any gaps and/or revamp the training programs you already have in place. 

Remember: prior to adjusting, it is important to test out any new methods to confirm that they are superior to what is currently in place.  Once this has been verified, adjust your processes in a measured way for the best outcome.    

Benefits of Adjusting
  • Continually raises performance benchmarks
  • Improves company methods by closing any gaps
  • Allows you to remain committed to innovation
  • Helps new employees via optimized training programs
  • Shows employees that their ideas are important and may be implemented into your workplace 
Although we’ve approached the management circle in stages, each component is by no means exclusive.  Empowering, verifying, following up, and adjusting all go hand in hand and rely on one another for success.  Integrating this circular process within your place of work will not only make you a better manager, but will also help your employees perform to the best of their abilities. 
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