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Managing Your Employees: Part Three

Follow Up

Once you’ve hired, trained and observed new employees, it is important that you follow up with them on a regular basis to ensure clarity and continued success. In our last management segment, we explored verification and observation as vital techniques for assessing employee performance. Following up is simply the next stage in the process, and involves communicating with staff members in order to assess performance and confirm satisfaction from both the manager and employee(s).   


The Benefits

  • Following up with employees has many benefits:
  • It helps ensure that the new skills and knowledge an employee acquired during training are being properly applied to the job in question. 
  • It provides your employees with the opportunity to speak openly about the challenges and successes they face within their daily tasks (this is particularly crucial during an employee’s first weeks and months on a job). 
  • It allows you to stay on top of company progress as employees grow and develop within their roles. 
  • It highlights learning gaps and areas for improvement, enabling you to rejig initial training or provide employees with additional resources/support.   
  • It demonstrates your dedication to employee success. 
  • It shows your employees that their performance plays an active role in the inner workings of your company. 
 How to Make It Happen

  • Schedule regular, individual meetings with your employees to assess performance from all angles.
  • Following verification and observation, consider providing on-the-spot feedback and/or creating an open forum with your employees. 
  • Ask staff members how they think they are doing and where they think they can improve.
  • Don’t be afraid to address job performance issues – employees don’t always recognize when they are dropping the ball. 
  • Review deliverables and job responsibilities with staff members to ensure that all expectations are being met. 
  • Encourage open communication within your place of work.  If an employee isn’t sure of the best way to approach a task, he or she should not be afraid to ask for help. 
  • Send e-mails or surveys to your employees regularly. 

Remember: training shows employees what’s expected of them, observation and verification allow you to assess whether or not those expectations are being met, and following up helps maintain the status quo.
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