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Managing Your Employees: Part Two

Verifying and Observing

Verification and observation play significant roles in establishing quality standards in the workplace.  Both tasks involve setting parameters so that your employees know exactly what is expected of them at all times and in all situations.  A fine balance of these elements will produce the trust and autonomy that we covered in last week’s employee empowerment segment. 

See below for a breakdown of the terms and how to incorporate both practices within your business. 


Verifying involves “checking in” to confirm that projects are being completed, and, more importantly, that they are being completed well.  How often you verify an employee’s work is completely up to you, and will likely depend on your level of trust in an individual’s abilities.  Even if you encourage relative autonomy in the workplace, you will want to assess work quality on occasion to ensure that it meets and/or exceeds your standards.  Not only will verification keep your employees on point and eager to perform well, it will also give you added peace of mind when it comes to company work flow and deliverables. 


As a business owner or manager, it is imperative that you observe your employees in their daily routines. Observation will help you answer the age-old question "how are we doing?" by giving you a firsthand look at the inner workings of your company. For example, you may want to set aside some time to watch your creative department discuss ideas for an upcoming advertising campaign.  Similarly, if you have field technicians who spend the majority of their time outside of the office, make an effort to “shadow” them quarterly (or as often as you’d like).  

This type of monitoring has multiple benefits:
  • It gives you a better idea of how your employees utilize their time at work.
  • It demonstrates to your employees that their performance is important to the success of your company.
  • It allows you to play an active role in each and every department.
  • It helps you develop a trusting relationship with your staff.

A combination of announced and unannounced observation sessions will likely give you the clearest picture of company performance.

Keeping yourself involved with your staff will make you a more confident manager, generating an atmosphere of autonomy, trust, and collaboration within your place of work. 

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