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Print Marketing: Part One


Contrary to popular belief, print marketing is not dead. Although internet advertising has certainly taken the small business world by storm, print remains a stable medium for relaying information and is still the go-to source for various demographics.

As you analyze your marketing budget for the year, consider what has worked best for your company in the past, and what you hope to achieve advertising-wise going forward. While it may be tempting to throw all of your eggs in one basket, a combination of both print and online marketing may hold significant value for your business. It is important to assess your leads, current trends, and profits/losses before choosing a path.
How strong is your print strategy? Some of the most popular and most effective methods include:

Microscopic budget? No problem! Flyers can be printed in-house or photocopied at a low cost. As an added benefit, distribution is quick, easy, and can be as widespread as you desire.

Newspaper Advertising
Both local and national newspapers provide an excellent medium for small business advertising. With a single ad – often repeated over the course of several weeks or months – your business can reach a large audience at an affordable price. Start small by running an ad in your community newspaper. As your business grows, so will your budget, allowing you to focus on papers with a larger circulation.

Magazine Advertising
If you are working with a healthier budget, magazine advertising can make quite an impact when it comes to brand building. Magazines are ideal for promoting the quality of your business and creating a long-lasting image. Think about it this way: you don’t often see a department store promoting a sale in a magazine (this is typically achieved via newspaper advertising). You do, however, find eye-catching spreads with the company logo front and center.  Magazines are all about building a name and a reputation among a specific readership.
Billboard Advertising
Go big or go home! Billboards provide the perfect avenue for making a grand statement. These oversized advertisements are often placed in high-traffic areas – beside major roadways, for example – and can have an expansive reach in a short period of time. The potential success of a billboard ad relies on several factors: location, visibility, and the quality of text and graphics. Because ads of this nature are often seen in passing, they need to make a lasting impression very quickly. 

No matter your budget, print advertising can be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Just be sure to turn to the method that works best for your business and brings customers through the door.
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