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Print Marketing: Part Two

Direct Mail

Technology may be the way of the future, but that doesn’t mean businesses should toss more traditional marketing avenues to the wayside. Many experts consider print marketing an effective solution for positive branding. Direct mail, in particular, can act as a beneficial strategy for locally owned and operated companies. 
Not sure if direct mail is right for your business? Read on below for a look at how and why direct mail can work for you. 

1. Direct mail is a proven strategy. Direct mail holds a strong position in many budgets due to its proven track record. Offering dependable data and an impressive return on investment, it has been implemented by businesses both small and large time and time again – even in the face of online strategy!

2. Campaigns are targeted. Direct mail campaigns can be catered to select audiences in order to meet the needs and unique purchasing habits of individual customers and prospects.  

3. Direct mail can be personalized. Unlike generic ads, direct mail pieces can be personalized with names and other details. This approach is more likely to garner a sale than a one-size-fits-all campaign. 

4. Versatile layouts make direct mail easy. Direct mail pieces are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, from postcards to magazines and everything in between.

5. It’s tangible. Customers and prospects receive direct mail right to their front doors or mailboxes and are guaranteed to see your company’s message. 

6. It’s trackable. By including a promotional code or coupon on your direct mail piece, you’ll be able to closely monitor data related to sales and inquiries.

7. Direct mail is cost effective. When it comes down to dollars and cents, both direct mail design and distribution are relatively affordable. Speak to a local promo company for preferred rates.

8. Direct mail is easy to create. Designing a direct mail piece can be as quick and seamless as you desire. Bring the work in-house or simply secure the assistance of a local graphic design team. Import data lists to make label and envelope printing easy. 

Before going completely digital, consider including direct mail as a part of your overall strategy. Compare analytics across the board and find out what works best for your company.
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