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Pumping Up Your Team: Part Two

Role Playing

The success of your business relies heavily on communication. When you lack the ability to communicate clearly and concisely – with your employees, peers, and customers – you do a disservice to the potential growth of your company. While it may seem simple to say you will improve inter-company communication over x number of months, a strategy needs to be implemented that will allow you to attain your goal. One such strategy that Weed Man recommends is role playing.

Role playing is an effective tool for managers. It provides employees with the opportunity to face real-life situations in a safe, learning-based environment. The hope is that the skills and techniques learned in a role-playing session will come in handy should the employee ever be faced with a similar circumstance in real time.
Below is a list of role playing situations to integrate into your overall strategy:

Securing the Sale. Have a member of your team act out the same scene twice in two different ways – once as the customer, and a second time as the sales person. This will give employees a chance to voice the very objections they are faced with on a daily basis and adopt new closing strategies in the process. Be sure to get involved and showcase any best practices.

Customer Service. Even the most patient, service-oriented employees have room to grow when it comes to customer service. Have members of your team act out their reactions to the same customer issue. Then give feedback based on what you liked about each response, while providing pointers to help take each employee to the next level of service. Remember: no matter how far you go to please your customers, there will always be one that is impossible to please. Use any challenging cases to help your business excel in the eyes of the 99%. 

Non-Verbal Cues. Your employees may not always know what they are conveying to customers with their body language. To assist with the development of self-awareness, role play the art of non-verbal cues. Take on the role of a sales person or customer service representative. Approach one situation from several angles: positive body language, negative body language, and neutral body language. Allow your employees to point out any nuances and what they believe your body alone was able to convey.

Employee Interaction. The manner in which your employees interact with one another can have a direct influence on their on-the-job success (or lack thereof). Role play situations that call for collaboration and/or teachable moments. The goal is to create positive employee interactions that result in a comfortable working environment. 

Simply telling your employees what works doesn’t always do the trick. Individuals are more apt to learn when they are faced with a hands-on situation and forced to draw from their skill sets. Role playing will ensure that your employees are equipped with the tools needed to tackle daily challenges and excel in all areas of the business.   
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