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Re-Evaluation: Part Three

Your Team

Contrary to popular belief, re-evaluating your team does not always boil down to employee performance. Instead, it should be centered around how members of your staff interact with one another and work collaboratively to achieve results.

As your company expands over time, it is likely that you will grow various departments by adding new employees. Because this is such a gradual process, managers rarely take the time to step back and examine how well team members work with one another on a daily basis. By implementing regular re-evaluation when it comes to your team, you will be able to help streamline day-to-day staff interactions, namely collaboration, delegation, and communal support. 

The very definition of collaboration is working together. Therefore, evaluating collaboration entails monitoring how well your employees are able to perform when working in conjunction with one another on a joint intellectual effort. Not every project can be completed by one person alone. In fact, the most successful businesses capitalize on the various skill sets of several different key players. While some head butting is to be expected, the most successful groups are able to overcome hurdles and do what’s best for the company.
Re-evaluation will help you recognize circumstances involving natural growing pains versus truly damaging relationships between employees. If collaborative efforts end up hindering your company more than helping it, then you will have to step in implement changes. You do not want to quash teamwork simply to avoid conflict amongst your staff. 

Delegation means to entrust a task or responsibility to another person. It is important that you regularly evaluate which of your employees are delegating projects in an appropriate manner. Some people have difficulty letting go of the reigns and may not delegate – even when they are spread too thin. This can, of course, be detrimental to your business. You do not want a person to enact control of a task only to drop the ball and put in a half-hearted effort. Alternatively, there are some employees who take advantage to those with less seniority, and will find a way to delegate anything and everything. Re-evaluation will help you propagate an appropriate balance when it comes to members of your team. 

Communal Support
Do your employees regularly provide encouragement and support for one another? You may believe so, but evaluating day-to-day interactions will let you know for certain. The importance of support should not go underestimated. It inspires approachability and teamwork, and will ultimately result in happier employees. 
Re-evaluation is an excellent management strategy that will let you know exactly where your team stands. Keep in mind that while it is crucial to examine the performance of each individual employee, taking a step back and monitoring your team as whole can go a long way in improving the day-to-day flow of your business. 

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