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Sales: Part Three

Developing Healthy Competition within Your Sales Force

It’s probably not news that competition drives sales. The best salespeople are naturally competitive and will respond well to projects that motivate them to utilize this character trait.  The key here, however, is ensuring that it is healthy competition.

Healthy competition occurs when a person competes against their peer in a way that fosters camaraderie (while achieving a higher quantity of sales, of course). Quite simply, you would not pit two individuals against one another to compete for the same sale, as this would result in one party’s success and the other’s disappointment.  To encourage healthy competition, you will need to provide incentives for all parties to perform their best and succeed. 

See below for several creative strategies that Weed Man recommends for fostering healthy competition amongst your sales team:

Offer Prizes

Prizes can go a long way when it comes to your sales team.  These can range from bonuses to gift cards to an extra day off for a top-performing team member.  For example, if you are managing a telemarketing team and the number of leads has been low, offer a prize to the individual who earns the most leads in a day.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the level of motivation a small but meaningful prize can provide. 

Publish Progress

Don’t keep a salesperson’s stellar performance under wraps. Track each employee’s progress on a white board so that team members can see how well they’re doing and assess when they need to really step up to the plate. 

Create Teams

If you have a large staff, consider creating teams of salespeople.  This will nurture each person’s competitive side while providing a support network for all involved parties.  As an added bonus, teamwork gives newer employees the opportunity to work with more experienced staff members and hopefully learn from them. 

Be a Motivator

As a manager, your presence in the sales department may be motivation all on its own. Walk around and offer encouragement to each member of your team. Don’t be afraid to provide quick incentives, such as a free lunch to the person who closes the next sale.  

If your sales have been lagging lately – or even if they’re top notch – why not inspire some healthy competition amongst your sales team? When managed effectively, competition can deliver benefits to both your employees and your company’s bottom line.