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Sales: Part Two

Adapting Your Sales Pitch

A central aspect of any potential sale is the sales pitch. In order to sell a product or service, you’ll need to tell a compelling story that encompasses what the product or service is, why it will benefit the customer, and how it reigns superior over that of other brands.  Further, it is crucial that you adapt your sales pitch on a regular basis to fit the varied needs of your customer base. 

Not sure what we mean? Read below for some helpful tips on how to make your sales pitch work for you and your company:

Listen to Your Customer

The same sales pitch will not work for each and every customer.  The best salespeople will find a common ground between themselves and their audience and make the pitch mutually beneficial.  Pick up on a potential customer’s habits, hobbies, and personality before you begin your pitch. You will need to improvise from time to time to meet various individual needs. 

Be Honest

Cheesy, long-winded, over-the-top sales pitches rarely work. If you come across as insincere, it is very unlikely that a potential customer will see any legitimacy in your product or service. Respect your buyer’s time and intelligence by communicating clearly and confidently without any hidden agendas. 

Know Why Your Product/Service Is Important

Remember that every sales pitch comes down to one fundamental question for the customer: “what’s in it for me?” Ensure that you know the ins and outs of your product/service and its advantages, especially in comparison to the competition. Whether it’s price, quality, or quantity, accentuate the positive and make it work for your pitch.  Remember: the benefits you present to each prospect will vary, as you will need to consider how your product or service works for potential customers on a case-by-case basis. 
Adapting your sales pitch to each customer will give you more insight into your company’s audience. Remain personable and honest while focusing on the positive and you should see solid results.