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Sponsorships to Help Improve Your Business: Part Three

Important Considerations

Before you enter in to a sponsorship arrangement with a local team, athlete, or event, there are many factors to take into consideration. Take a look at Weed Man’s top 10 important sponsorship considerations below:

  1. Contracts. Does either party want the sponsorship arrangement set up as a contract? If so, is this a contract that can be agreed upon by both sides?

  2. Reputation. Does the team/event you are considering sponsoring have a positive image in the local community?

  3. Budget. Does your sponsorship strategy fit into your budget?
  4. Competition. Are there other sponsors involved? If so, are they your competitors?
  5. Publicity. Will you receive the kind of exposure you want?
  6. Commitment Level. Will you be able to fulfill the requirements of the sponsorship agreement?
  7. Creative Design. Who will take care of the creative aspect of the partnership? (Logos, flyers, business cards, jerseys, etc.)
  8. Public Relations. Will you be able to control the messaging that goes out to the public about the relationship between you and the local team/athlete/event?

  9. Search Engine Optimization. Will you be given the rights to add content and/or links to your site regarding the partnership to help enhance SEO?

  10. Brand Protection. Will the local team adhere to your company’s brand guidelines when it comes to the utilization of logos, seals, company colors and other insignia?

Doing your due diligence before proceeding into such a public arrangement is always a good idea. That way both parties are kept on the same page and expectations can be set – and met – throughout all stages of the process.
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