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Sponsorships to Help Improve Your Business: Part One

The Benefits of Sponsorship

Are you considering sponsoring a local sports team, athlete or event? Sponsorship agreements can have numerous benefits for business owners and may actually help your company bring more customers through the door. Find out how below!

Benefits of Local Sponsorship:

Goodwill. By sponsoring a local team or event, you are participating in an act of goodwill by making a positive contribution to your community.

Brand Awareness. Sponsorship relationships help increase public awareness of a company or brand.
Promotional Opportunities. Sponsoring teams or events is a great way to advertise your company’s brand, logo, and products and/or services through promotional items.
Community Relations. Sponsorships allow a company to work more closely with a team or group of people, strengthening the relationship between a brand and the local community.
Reputation Enhancement. Sponsoring a local team can help boost a company’s reputation within its community. Companies that give back locally are often viewed more favorably by potential customers (parents in particular). Additionally, if the team or event is well known or immensely popular within the local area, these same positive associations are then passed on to the sponsoring company.
Publicity. Sponsorship provides a platform for reaching a larger audience, whether in person, through public relations initiatives, or via e-mail distribution lists.
Staff Recruitment. In some cases, sponsorship presents opportunities at local events and/or schools for staff recruitment.
Possible Tax Incentives. Many youth sports organizations are registered nonprofit groups. In these cases, businesses may receive a tax break for making a charitable donation.

Tune in next week as we delve into the many sponsorship options available for companies both large and small.

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