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Weed Man Franchisee Jim McClure's Social Media Insights

Landscape Management: Finding the true value in creating online content

Weed Man Roswell, GA, owned by Jim McClure and Kevin Adan, was awarded with the Online Outreach award at Weed Man USA’s 2015 Annual Conference. With that being said, Landscape Management recently asked Jim about his insight on social media and how Weed Man Roswell uses their online presence to their advantage. “Many business owners don’t see the true value in engaging and creating content for their online followers. Once my General Manager Kevin Adan and I embraced this tactic as another part of our marketing pillar, we saw our business grow,” Jim said.

Since the franchise, which services all of North Atlanta, has implemented a strong social media strategy, they have truly learned the value of it all. It is vital to engage and converse with consumers and use social media platforms to gain authority in your space. Through this strategy, Weed Man Roswell has proven to customers that they are a reliable source of information when it comes to lawn care.

Some tips from the online guru? “Use social media as a format to provide relatable content…Collaborate and brainstorm what [your] followers want to know; learn the platforms and monitor them; remember to spark conversations and be the helping hand. A common mistake is waiting for online users to ask all the questions; [and] keep marketing and social media efforts separate.”

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