Due Diligence

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Find Out for Yourself

A list of existing Weed Man owners will be provided to you. We strongly encourage you to contact one or all of them, with a list of questions so you can learn about their experiences within the system. These are people who have grown multi-million businesses by joining Weed Man, or are on the road to doing so. Our tried and true systems have been proven to increase efficiency and profitability and our franchisees are testament to that. Also consider talking with your family and make sure that you’re absolutely certain Weed Man is the right fit for you! As a Weed Man franchisee, you will be part of a solid team of lawn care professionals.

Why It’s Important

Fully evaluating any franchise opportunity is critical. Reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document, contacting existing franchisees and really getting a grasp on the company itself is extremely important in determining whether the opportunity is going to be a good fit for you and your family.

Not only should you confirm that the franchise opportunity best suits your financial, business and personal attributes, but also get to know your potential fellow franchisees, your franchisor and our proprietary systems, to ensure they meet your expectations and will provide you with everything necessary to help you grow, from point A to point Z.

The entire Weed Man organization is 100% dedicated to providing you with the best possible franchise opportunity available, but it’s imperative you believe that prior to coming aboard. We’ve used our years of experience to develop training, systems and an unparalleled support network that is proven to provide you and your family with a bright future in the growing green industry.

When you become a Weed Man franchisee, you are joining the extended Weed Man family. We work together, all of us collectively, to ensure that you receive all of the support you need to excel in your new business. Your training starts now, and our support is just beginning!