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Our Franchisees Are Our Champions

With over 45 years of brand building, Weed Man hasn’t only achieved a reputation for creating beautiful, outdoor green spaces, but also for helping dreams come true and working with franchisees to build successful businesses across the country. Every Weed Man franchisee is supported by their local and experienced franchisor who serves as a personal consultant and mentor, providing experience, guidance and encouragement along the way. Our network represents decades of lawn care operation experience, although existing franchisees come from diverse backgrounds. It’s because of them that Weed Man is the #1 Franchised Lawn Care Company across North America.  Their locally owned and operated businesses are testament to Weed Man’s overall, consistent success in the industry.

Here are some of Weed Man’s most prominent franchisee Success Stories:





"What attracted me to Weed Man initially was the quality of people in the organization. The lawn care industry had just gone through numerous mergers and acquisitions with many industry leaders that I had come to respect over the years aligning themselves with Weed Man.”
~ Jim McClure | Weed Man Roswell