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Hear from Weed Man Owners 

When searching out new business ventures, a growing number of entrepreneurs have turned to Weed Man Lawn Care for franchise opportunities. In addition to providing franchise owners with proven systems that act as a blueprint for success, Weed Man offers franchisees dependable revenue streams, continuous support, and the ability to work outdoors.

Hear from some of our franchisees firsthand at the podcast links below! 

Interview with Kevin Adan – Weed Man Roswell

Weed Man’s Cindy Code interviews the General Manager of Weed Man Roswell, Kevin Adan, to find out the key(s) to the Atlanta-based franchise’s tremendous success over the past several years. 

Interview with Justin Pool – Weed Man Cincinnati

In our latest episode, Cindy Code is joined by Justin Pool, Sales Manager for Weed Man Cincinnati. The Cincinnati office has continued to set the bar high when it comes to sales, and was recently nominated for both the Marketing Performance Award (over $1.5M) and the Referral Engagement Award at Weed Man’s 2013 national conference in Orlando, FL. Throughout the podcast, Justin discusses the Cincinnati team’s strategy for sales success and the importance of giving sales representatives ownership over individual campaigns.

The #1 Lawn Care Franchise

Take advantage of starting your own business with an established model that has an average retention rate of 70-80% growth. Weed Man, the #1 lawn care franchise, as rated by Entrepenuer magazine, has the systems you need to succeed.

Golf Course Superintendents | Advantages of Business Ownership

Brandon Burns, Weed Man Arlington Heights franchise owner and former golf course superintendent, and Dr. Doug Soldat, turf management professor at The University of Wisconsin, discuss careers in turf management for professionals looking for business opportunities outside of the golf course industry.

State of the Golf Course Industry

Terry Kurth, Weed Man sub-franchisor, multi-unit franchise owner and former golf course superintendent, and Pat Jones, publisher for Golf Course Industry Magazine and long-time golf reporter, speaker and proponent. These two industry professionals will be discussing the state of the golf course industry - the struggles and opportunities that face turf management specialists.

Being An Effective Leader – Interview with Weed Man Owner Andy Behrens

Andy Behrens, owner of Weed Man Champaign, received Weed Man’s prestigious Emerging Leader Award. Cindy Code and Andy discuss what it takes to be an effective leader, his mentors and challenging growth goals ahead for his franchise and Weed Man overall.

Recruiting A Dedicated Team – Interview with Weed Man Owner Shane Griffith

Named Rookie of the Year at last year's conference, Weed Man owner Shane Griffith works to recruit new faces to the dedicated team in Elgin. Keeping the entire group motivated and working on the same goals is the key to their incredible growth.

Landscaping Business Diversification – Weed Man Lawn Care Franchise Opportunity

Dave and Eric Thurston, an award-winning father-son team from Weed Man Lansing, MI, discuss why they made the decision to diversify their family landscaping business with a Weed Man franchise.

Weed Man Company Culture And Giving Back

Phil Fogarty discusses Weed Man's company culture of giving back to the community in big and small ways through events such as Renewal & Remembrance at Arlington Cemetery and GreenCare for Troops. Such projects benefit the region or community but also boost team building, camaraderie and overall business success.