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Creating an Award-Winning Team: Part Three

You’re well on your way to creating an award-winning team; but there’s more to it than hiring the right people. If you are going to effectively manage your stellar staff, you need to be ready to take a leadership role. With that said, one might assume that being an extroverted, overly confident and exceptionally experienced person are mandatory qualifications to lead your team in the right direction, that that’s not the case. With the help of Weed Man, you can take the steps to Becoming a True Leader.

Creating an Award-Winning Team: Pt 2

Well, you’ve made it through the interview and now it’s time to choose your staff. Creating an award-winning team takes work and patience, but with Weed Man’s help, you’re well on your way. Today, let’s focus on looking Beyond the Resume

Creating an Award-Winning Team: Part 1

Creating an award-winning team is easier said than done, but Weed Man takes pride in offering customers superior service and that’s all in thanks to our award-winning teams across the country. To get you started on building your very own top notch troop, here are 5 Things to Look for During an Interview.

Digital Strategy: Part Four

In today’s day and age, social media is very important when it comes to running a business. It acts as a means of communication between you and your customers (and potential customers), is a great way to advertise and also proves to be a great way to gain authority in your industry. With technologies constantly advancing and social media blowing up in the past decade, social media marketing is easily a full-time job. To ramp up your efforts and make the most of your online presence, Weed Man has put together some tips on How to Use Social Media for Your Business.

Digital Strategy: Part Three

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be an essential part of any digital strategy. If you haven’t already optimized your online content, now is the time to start establishing your online presence and gaining authority in your space. Here's how, brought to you by Weed Man Franchise.

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