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Sales: Part Two

Adapting your sales pitch to stay on top of market trends and fit the customer’s needs is a must in today’s marketplace.  Weed Man analyzes the sales pitch and how to make it work in our latest business article. 

Sales: Part One

In order to sell successfully, you must understand your product, the competition, and the marketplace. Weed Man breaks down what you need to know and why in this first sales segment. 

Developing an Audience: Part Four

Upselling involves offering customers additional or superior purchase options in order to close a larger sale. It is an essential strategy for any small business that is looking to develop an audience. Weed Man explores upselling and its benefits for both customers and businesses. 

Developing an Audience: Part Three

Direct marketing is precisely what it sounds like – reaching out to customers and prospects directly in an effort to sell a product or service. Weed Man evaluates the various types of direct marketing and how it plays a role in the success of any small business. 

Developing an Audience: Part Two

Internet marketing is a must have in today’s computer-centric world. From social media to SEO and SEM, Weed Man explains the strategy and provides several examples of how to utilize the Internet effectively when marketing your small business. 

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