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Weed Man - 2+ Million Dollar Club

Weed Man 2+ Million Dollar Club

Congratulations to These Million-Dollar Businesses

Lawn care franchise ownership with Weed Man provides a lucrative business model that has proven to be both recession- and pandemic proof. Weed Man's 2+ Million Dollar Club celebrates franchisees that have been able to achieve over $2 million in net annual sales. Congratulations to all who have achieved this impressive milestone!


2 Million Dollar Club

Weed Man Buffalo East, NY & Montgomery, PA

Owner: Ken Bieber 

Weed Man Coweta-Fayette County, GA 

Owner: Richard Thompson 

Weed Man Dothan & Montgomery, AL 

Owners: Grant & Kyle Faulk 

Weed Man Fresno, CA 

Owner: Jeff Kollenkark

Weed Man Main Line, Lancaster, Reading Berks, & Carlisle, PA 

Owner: John Sanders

Weed Man North Dallas Fort Worth 

Owners: Marty Hoover & Tommy Baker

Weed Man Owensboro, KY, Paducah, KY & Evansville, IN 

Owners: Todd West & Rick Ebelhar

Weed Man Winchester, VA & Annapolis, MD

Owners: Bruce & Brandon Sheppard

Weed Man Winston-Salem, NC & Richmond, VA 

Owner: Jason Bridges

3 Million Dollar Club

Weed Man Columbus NW& Dayton, OH

Owners: Corbin & Audrey Schlatter

Weed Man Greenville & Fort Mill, SC

Owners: John Hotchkin & David Boyle

Weed Man Minneapolis, MN

Owner: Steve Sartorius

Weed Man Raleigh & Wilmington, NC

Owner: Paul Brooks

Weed Man Springfield, MA& Hartford, CT

Owner: Tom Mauer

Weed Man St Louis, MO

Owners: Buddy DeLong & Matt Voss

4 Million Dollar Club

Weed Man Bloomington, Peoria, Champaign & Springfield, IL - Indianapolis & Lafayette, IN

Owner: Josh Fromme

Weed Man Kansas City & Springfield, MO - Des Moines, IA - Fort Worth South, TX - Oklahoma Central, OK

Owner: Jon Cundiff

Weed Man Lake Norman & Charlotte, NC

Owners: Sam & Brandi Morgan

2 Million Dollar Club

Weed Man Levis, QC

Owners: Dany Theberge, Laurence & Chantal Garant

Weed Man Toronto, ON

Owners: Paul & Ronda Gaspar

3 Million Dollar Club

Owners: Maxime Garant & Philippe Caissie

Weed Man Maritimes Halifax, Truro, Kentville, Saint John, Moncton, Charlottetown

Owner: David Thompson

Weed Man Brantford,ON, Kelowna, BC, Regina, SK, St. Catharines, ON

Owners: Tom Davies, Jim Humble, Simon Taylor, Steve Tschanz