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Opportunity:  Weed Man USA is one of the fastest growing franchise opportunities. Entrepreneur magazine named Weed Man Lawn Care the number one franchised lawn care system in the U.S. With proven systems, recurring revenues and a chance to work in an outdoor environment, Weed Man offers tremendous opportunity for business ownership and financial independence.

Why Weed Man?

  • Weed Man Lawn Care has seen rapid growth across the United States in more than 445 territories since 2000.
  • With more than $140 million in system sales, Weed Man is now the leading franchised lawn care company in the green industry.
  • Weed Man franchisees grow, on average, 15-20 percent annually.
  • Across the U.S., the professional green industry represents more than $67 billion annually.
  • 18 to 19 percent of all homeowners will use a lawn care company this year alone.
  • Lawn care is perceived as a low-cost service with high value that enhances both property value and pride of ownership.

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