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Franchisee Testimonials

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Our franchisees' feedback is extremely important to us. Check out a few recent testimonials below that speak to the value of the Weed Man franchise opportunity. 



Franchisee Testimonial
Andy Kurth Weed Man

"... It's amazing to think that we've been able to serve 16,000 customers in the past year and hire nearly 300 employees to help take our business to the next level."

Andy Kurth

Weed Man Madison, WI / Milwaukee, WI / Green Bay, WI / Denver, CO / Austin, TX / Boise, ID (Owner since 2001)

David Waskey Weed Man

"The key to my success is following the systems that the Weed Man has put in place. With the support of such a great franchise family, I am able to learn business lessons that help my franchise grow."

David Waskey

Weed Man Louisville, KY / Myrtle Beach, SC (Owner since 2006)

Jim McClure Weed Man

"The Weed Man model is great, because it provides structure and tested systems while allowing for entrepreneurial ​creativity."

Jim McClure

Weed Man Roswell, GA / Kennesaw, GA / Gwinnett County, GA (Owner since 2002)

Jon and Vicky Cundiff Weed Man

"Weed Man has the systems in place to help its franchise owners succeed. From business planning meetings to top-tier talent at the corporate level, every aspect of the franchise is very well executed."

Jon & Vicky Cundiff

Weed Man Kansas City, MO / Springfield, MO / Des Moines, IA / Fort Worth South, TX (Owners since 2003)

Josh Fromme Weed Man

"It’s rewarding to know that our customers feel at ease and satisfied by our services and results in the same way we feel fulfilled and confident in the Weed Man organization and systems."

Josh Fromme

Weed Man Bloomington, IL / Peoria, IL / Springfield, IL / Lafayette, IN / Indianapolis, IN (Owner since 2002)

Kim and Mark Kosberg Weed Man

"When we came across Weed Man, we believed that it was a match made in heaven. Weed Man lives by its 'Promises Kept' and hones in on being an honest company that takes great pride in their work."

Kim and Mark Kosberg

Weed Man Midland, MI (Owners since 2007)

Nate DeVisser Weed Man

"The franchise system and corporate team are incredibly helpful and accessible and have been there for us every step of the way."

Nate DeVisser

Weed Man Kalamazoo, MI / South Bend East, IN (Owner since 2004)

Stephen Hillenmeyer Weed Man

"What really interested me about Weed Man was their intent focus on the business side of operations: the processes and the systems. That was my cue to pursue the franchise."

Stephen Hillenmeyer

Weed Man Lexington, KY / Cincinnati, OH (Owner since 2002)

Steve Sartorius Weed Man

"I’ve seen consistent growth and have quadrupled the size of my business. The first year I opened my business I hit $300,000 in sales, and now our business is pulling in over $2 million in sales."

Steve Sartorius

Weed Man Minneapolis, MN (Owner since 2007)

Tom Mauer Weed Man

"Once I saw the depth of support from Weed Man and the experience of the people driving the franchise, I sold my share of my landscaping business to focus solely on the growth of my Weed Man franchise."

Tom Mauer

Weed Man Springfield, MA / Hartford, CT (Owner since 2004)