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Weed Man Franchise Ownership

About Us

The Franchise Opportunity That's All About Growth

When you invest in Weed Man, the whole team invests in your franchise career.


Weed Man is a network of locally owned and operated lawn care professionals providing environmentally responsible fertilization, weed control and integrated pest management services. For more than 50 years, we have built upon founder Des Rice's uncompromising commitment to serving our customers. Keeping true to his vision provides Weed Man with a competitive advantage and allows us to build a strong national brand based on keeping promises and exceeding expectations.

We believe that this commitment to the customer differentiates Weed Man from other national brands. It's the basis of a competitive advantage that has given us a major presence in every state, enabling Weed Man to serve nearly half a million customers.



What Our System Provides:

Protected Territories

As a Weed Man franchisee, you’ll enjoy exclusive rights to the territory or territories you purchase. Since our territories are completely protected, you’ll never have to worry about competing with other Weed Man franchisees for customers. We’re committed to helping you build your business, and by offering protected territories we’re helping to ensure your success.

Comprehensive Training

From your initial training to ongoing seminars to the constant support of your franchisor, you’re never alone. The Weed Man family goes out of its way to make sure that you’re thoroughly trained and primed for success.

Exclusive Computer System

Our state-of-the-art, user-friendly computer system was developed exclusively for Weed Man. Beyond tracking what you’ve done and what you have scheduled, our system helps you to create and achieve significant benchmarks of success.

Marketing Systems

Weed Man serves nearly half a million lawn care customers across North America, thanks in part to the superior marketing systems we’ve developed for our franchisees over the years. All elements of our marketing systems are rigorously tested in our corporate and franchisor offices before being introduced to our franchisees. Weed Man’s marketing systems are designed to provide sophisticated tools that allow you to build long lasting relationships with your customers while carefully measuring your results.

Dominant Purchasing Power

Weed Man franchisees enjoy extremely favorable volume pricing, as well as payment terms that are negotiated with suppliers based on anticipated system-wide purchases.

Commitment to Training

The success of Weed Man franchisees is built upon the twin pillars of training and support. Our initial 7-day training at the corporate office addresses all aspects of business operations, including administration, technical, marketing, business planning and budgeting.

Proven, Successful Consultants

Weed Man’s team of regional franchisors includes some of the biggest names in the green industry. Your franchisor is never more than a phone call away, and is always ready to provide you with expert consultation as your company takes off.

Our franchisees are our business partners, and we’re all in this together!