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Weed Man Technicians

About Weed Man

Why We’re Different

Commitment, Quality, Integrity

Weed Man is a network of locally owned and operated lawn care professionals providing environmentally responsible fertilization, weed control, and integrated pest management services. For more than 50 years, Weed Man has grown one customer at a time by staying true to our core values of amazing service, integrity, passion, and innovation.

Our Promise

Our founder, Des Rice, was committed to serving each and every customer with open and honest communication. Keeping true to his vision provides Weed Man with a competitive advantage and allows us to build a strong national brand based on keeping promises and exceeding expectations. We believe that this commitment to the customer differentiates Weed Man from other national brands. It’s the basis of a competitive advantage that has given us a major presence in every state we operate in, enabling us to serve 500,000+ customers across North America.