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Costs & Fees

Invest in Your Success with Weed Man

What does it cost to start your own Weed Man franchise?

The above investment also includes the following:


1. Weed Man's Exclusive Computer System

2. Weed Man's Exclusive Spray System

3. Initial Training:

  • Business planning
  • Agronomic training
  • Operations management
  • Use and configuration of proprietary software¬†
  • Ordering and inventory procedures
  • Accounting procedures
  • Financial controls for your business
  • Marketing & technical systems
  • Staff requirements development, training and motivation

Additional fees include the following:

1. Royalties

  • Weed Man's declining royalty structure rewards you for growing your business.

2. Advertising Fund

  • National buying/marketing campaigns.
  • Building brand awareness through the Weed Man Website, print initiatives, and the creative department.