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Weed Man Franchisee Success Profiles

Mike Schulz

Weed Man Fort Collins, Colorado & Surrounding Areas

David Thompson

Weed Man Maritimes

Tom Mauer

Weed Man Springfield, MA and Hartford, CT

Steve Sartorius

Weed Man Minneapolis, MN

Steve & Chuck Russell

Weed Man Farmington Hills, MI and Ferndale, MI

Stephen Hillenmeyer

Weed Man Lexington, KY / Nashville, TN / Cincinnati, OH

Sam Morgan

Weed Man Lake Norman, NC and Charlotte, NC

Nick Miller

Weed Man Salt Lake City, UT and Utah County, UT

Nate DeVisser

Weed Man Kalamazoo, MI and South Bend East, IN

John Hotchkin & David Boyle

Weed Man Greenville, SC and Fort Mill, SC

Kim & Mark Kosberg

Weed Man Midland, MI

Ken Bieber

Weed Man Buffalo East, NY and Montgomery, PA

John Sanders

Weed Man Eastern / Central Pennsylvania

Jim McClure

Weed Man Roswell, GA / Gwinnett County, GA / Kennesaw, GA

Jeff Kollenkark

Weed Man Fresno, CA

David Waskey

Weed Man Louisville, KY and Myrtle Beach, SC

Brandon Sheppard

Sub Franchisor for the Southeastern region of the United States. The Sheppards also own three franchises in Winchester, VA, Annapolis, MD, and Frederick, MD.

Brandon Burns

Weed Man Arlington Heights, IL / Merrillville-Valparaiso, IN / Cleveland, OH / Racine Kenosha, WI

Audrey & Corbin Schlatter

Weed Man Columbus, OH and Dayton, OH

Andy Kurth

Madison/Milwaukee/Green Bay, WI - Elgin/Rockford, IL - Denver, CO - Austin, TX

Josh Fromme

Weed Man Bloomington/Peoria/Springfield, IL / Indianapolis & Lafayette, IN