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Boost Your Existing Landscaping Business

Diversify Your Services with Weed Man Lawn Care

Enjoy phenomenal growth and recurring revenues by adding lawn care to your existing landscape business.

Grant Faulk owns a successful landscape business with his brother, Kyle. After struggling with the same growth challenges year after year, they decided to take a leap of faith and diversify with Weed Man. Ten years in, they couldn't be happier with their decision. Hear what Grant has to say in the video below:

Stephen Hillenmeyer decided to diversify his 175-year-old family-owned landscaping business by purchasing a Weed Man franchise. He now has over 12,000 lawn care customers throughout Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.  Hear what Stephen has to say in the video below:

Why Diversify?

A large portion of design / build / installation jobs are with new clients, making significant, steady growth a challenge for many landscaping companies.  When a business offers just one type of service, it is not always able to meet the growing needs of its customer base. Add in uncontrollable market factors and the unpredictable economy, and it’s no wonder that many service companies hit a ceiling when it comes to growth. That’s why diversifying with lawn care is often such a natural next step.

Weed Man’s comprehensive lawn care programs and cross-marketing opportunities can help landscaping companies bring new customers through the door. As an added benefit, our franchisees enjoy an impressive  cus tomer retention rate (approx. 75%) and recurring revenues , meaning that owners can focus their marketing efforts on net growth rather than repeat sales. 

Why Weed Man? 

  • In-depth business planning that will help your business remain current, within budget, and on track for success
  • Proven systems that increase efficiency and profitability
  • Comprehensive, ongoing training
  • Unparalleled support provided by regional sub franchisors and our corporate team
  • Standardized procedures
  • Advanced marketing systems that work 
  • Strong profit margins
  • Asset-building to help you secure your future

What started in 1970 as a one-man lawn care company out of the back of a pickup truck has expanded to encompass an award-winning network of locally-owned and operated franchises, growing at an average rate of 15-20% annually. But if steady, double-digit growth doesn’t pique your interest,  check out a few of the recent outlets we've been recognized by:

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