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Career Transition Opportunities

Convert Your Existing Lawn Care Business to a Weed Man Franchise

Enjoy Unlimited Growth

For many independent small lawn care businesses, growth – or lack thereof – can be a major concern. While the potential for success may be unlimited in an owner-operator’s specific market, high product and equipment costs, marketing difficulties, and disorganized business planning often cause company growth to come to a standstill. 

That’s where Weed Man comes in. With more than 50 years of experience, Weed Man knows what it takes to run a successful lawn care company and take business growth to the next level. Thanks in part to our proven, time-tested systems and franchisee support network in place, Weed Man has been able to grow over $50 million in just the last 5 years alone.

As a Weed Man franchisee, you’ll gain access to:

  • Highly effective marketing tools and resources

  • Unparalleled support (in the form of regional sub franchisors and a corporate team), regular business planning meetings, educational seminars, and weekly teleconferences

  • Comprehensive marketing, technical and administrative procedures

  • Dominant purchasing power

  • Superior products

  • High profit margins and recurring revenues

  • Proprietary software to help manage data

  • Unlimited opportunities for growth

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“As soon as we purchased our first Weed Man franchise, we immediately saw the benefits of the purchasing power. Our small lawn care company could not compete with some of the larger companies out there because we would go to local service centers and basically be spending double on any of the products that we needed. We realized that our profit margins were not where we wanted them. Now that we are a Weed Man franchise, we have seen our profit margins skyrocket, and it is all because of the number of Weed Man dealers out there, driving prices down. We are no longer a small fish in a large sea!”

-Thomas Ladd, Weed Man Louisville, KY