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Pest Management

Pest Control & Lawn Care

A Natural Fit

Are you considering diversifying your services? Lawn care is often a natural choice for pest control business owners. Thanks in part to similar science and licensing requirements, pest control and lawn care often come together seamlessly. 

Advantages of Diversifying Your Pest Control Business with Lawn Care

  • Increased service offerings can help pest control business owners meet the growing needs of their customers
  • Tremendous cross-marketing opportunities
  • Easy scheduling and maximized productivity, as services are outdoors and customers do not need to be home
  • Regular industry growth at an average rate of 20 percent annually

Unlimited Growth

Lawn care is perceived as a low-cost, high-value service. With the average annual cost of service near $500 per year, lawn care is a small slice of the consumer's disposable income and one of the last budget items to be cut. As a result, Weed Man franchisees enjoy an annual customer renewal rate of 75-80%, allowing business owners to focus their marketing efforts on net growth rather than repeat sales.

Success Stories

In 2000, Steve and Chuck Russell, owners of Eradico Serves - a pest control business in the Novi, Michigan area - became Weed Man franchisees.

Read the Russells' full Success Profile Here.

Testimonial from Steve Russell:

"Pest control and lawn care services are a like science. They have similar governing bodies and licensing procedures. Since we were already familiar with the management side of the business, we knew it was a great opportunity to immediately leverage our client base and expand our service offerings to them."