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Weed Man 2021 Award Winners

A Recap from Weed Man's Annual Conference in Orlando, FL

Multi-Unit Franchisee of the Year Award
The multi-unit franchisee of the year award recognizes excellence in business management and growth. It is awarded to a franchisee with a majority shareholding in multiple units. They have had challenges but have always managed to keep their focus and determination to make it big. They have envisioned building their businesses and their staff into something incredible, something sustainable, something to support their futures…and they definitely succeeded in that task

Award of Excellence
The Award of Excellence is THE top achievement within Weed Man. It symbolizes operational excellence in all aspects of the franchise and, internally, is the highest honor a Weed Man franchise can receive. It is a significant milestone that can only be reached through years of meticulous planning and execution.  Thank you to all of you for keeping the bar high and motivating us to achieve your kind of success! 

Most Improved Award
Weed Man’s Most Improved Award celebrates franchisees’ vast improvements over the previous year; business owners who have worked tremendously hard to get their business where it needs to be. Through a renewed commitment to Weed Man’s tried and true systems, these franchisees' have shown a marked improvement in all areas.

Emerging Leader Award
This award signifies success in all aspects of the business and is dedicated to a franchisee who has demonstrated a commitment to growth and continual improvement in every facet of their business.

Referral Engagement Award
The Referral Engagement Award recognizes a franchise who has notably capitalized on word-of-mouth marketing by effectively implementing a strategic and engaging referral program.

Online Outreach Award
Weed Man’s Online Outreach Award nominees are selected using a point system that is built upon various criteria, including net customers generated digitally, level of activity on the website, social media, and GMB, email marketing efforts, and overall online rating.

Ambassador Award
The Ambassador Award allows us to acknowledge a franchisee that has been a true ambassador for our brand, both locally and at a national level. This is very difficult to award because so many of our franchisees are phenomenal ambassadors.

Community Champion Award
Weed Man’s name in the lawn care industry is second to none, and people are seeing how our locally owned and operated franchises are made up of their neighbors and friends, people that care and are passionate about causes close to their hearts and the communities they live in and serve every day. As a network, we take pride in giving back, and we will continue to advocate for our communities in meaningful ways for years to come.

Inbound Marketing Award
As a result of new and innovative marketing initiatives, Weed Man has seen a significant increase in the number of inbound leads being generated across North America. In order to meet the changing needs and buying behaviors of our target consumer, it is essential that we adapt our culture and take significant strides to streamline the quoting process – both on the phone and digitally. The Inbound Marketing Award honors the franchisee who has skillfully adjusted operational processes and performance to capitalize on a wide range of inbound opportunities. 

Marketing Performance Awards
The Marketing Performance Award recognizes the franchisees who have demonstrated high level performance on all sales and marketing campaigns that have ultimately led to significant growth of both customer counts and revenue for the current year.

Rookie of the Year
This award is given to a franchisee who has seen great success in their new business, laying a solid foundation for a successful and rewarding future. It may not have been easy to get here, but it has definitely been worth it…and a lot of fun to witness! 

Customer Loyalty Awards
At Weed Man, we don’t just know a thing or two about lawn care...we also know how to treat customers and keep them coming back year over year. We are constantly striving to be a world class customer service organization. Just look at our industry-leading system-wide average customer retention rate of over 77%! Quality service is a cornerstone of our organization, and a huge contributor to any franchisee’s success.

Mosquito Hero Growth Awards
The Mosquito Hero Growth Awards are new to our annual conference awards. They were introduced this year to recognize those who have grown their Mosquito Hero revenue in a significant way.

Congratulations to all winners! We can't wait to see what you achieve next!


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