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Andy Kurth Wins 2019 Emerging Leader Award


The Lawn & Landscape Leadership Award winners were recently announced at the 2019 Green Industry Expo, and we are so proud to announce that Weed Man's very own Andy Kurth was presented with the 2019 Emerging Leader award.

Andy Kurth is a multi-unit franchise owner (operating in Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, Colorado and Idaho), sub-franchisor and a leader within the Weed Man network. In fact, if you've been following Weed Man online then you've probably heard his name before. The Emerging Leader Award is an award given to a green industry professional who is setting the tone for the younger generation...and there's no doubt about it, that exactly what Kurth is doing. He has "helped build a fast-growing Weed Man business, and now he's focused on empowering his cast to own the type of career that has been so rewarding for him."

"...By college, when [Andy's] dad joined Weed Man, Kurth started selling accounts. "It wasn't like this was my development plan - I didn't quite know what I wanted to do"...Fourteen years ago, the Madison Weed Man office employed about a dozen people during the busy season. Its revenues were about $600,000. During the next eight years, over the course of buying out franchisees and creating partnerships, the business expanded exponentially. By 2015, it was $6 million in revenue - and Kurth expects to close out this year at around $15 million."

We shared his acceptance speech on the Weed Man Lawn Care Franchise Facebook page . Watch below!



>> Read more about Andy and the 2019 Emerging Leader Award HERE. 

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