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Weed Man Franchising - FAQ ‎

Why Weed Man?

• The Best Products & Service in the Industry  

• Locally Owned & Operated

• Professional Appearance & Approach 

• Protected Territories

• Comprehensive Training 

• Exclusive Computer System

• Proven Marketing Systems 

• Dominant Purchasing Power

• Proven, Successful Consultants

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Why Franchising?

• Blueprint Business

• Strong Branding

• Access to Systems

• Purchasing Power

• Support

• Risk Avoidance

• More Financing Options

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How Much Does it Cost?

Additional fees include the following:

• Royalties - Weed Man's declining royalty structure rewards you for growing your business.

• Advertising Fund - This includes our national buying/marketing campaigns, building brand awareness through the Weed Man Website, print initiatives, and the creative department.

What Does My Investment Get Me?

Protected - Single or Double Territory

• Weed Man's Exclusive Computer System

• Weed Man's Exclusive Spray System

• Initial Training -  Business planning, Agronomic training, Operations management, Use and configuration of proprietary software, Ordering and inventory procedures, Accounting procedures, Financial controls for your business, Marketing & technical systems, Staff requirements development, training and motivation

• Ongoing Corporate Consultation & Support

• Access to Weed Man's National Buying Power

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What If I Already Have An Existing Business?

Weed Man has had tremendous success with helping existing business owners diversify their services by adding on lawn care. In fact, our award-winning systems and recession-resistant business model have led to year over year growth for our franchisees, even in the face of uncertain economic conditions.

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